Topic of Interest

Original, unpublished contributions are solicited in ALL aspects of WSAN and traditional wireless sensor networks, robot networks, as well as robotics and automation. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Autonomous sensor networks
  • Emergent behavior in WSAN
  • Modeling and simulation of WSAN
  • WSAN architectural and operational models
  • Optimal control of networked robots
  • Robot advanced motion control by WSAN
  • Modeling and control of flying robots
  • Autonomic and self-organizing coordination and communication
  • Sensor-robot and robot-robot coordination
  • Energy-efficient and real-time communication protocols
  • Bandwidth-efficient and delay-tolerant communication protocols
  • Distributed control and management in WSAN
  • Neighborhood discovery and mobility management
  • Communication protocols for swarms of mobile robots
  • Map exploration and pattern formation of mobile robots
  • Robot task assignment
  • Biologically inspired communication
  • Ecological systems
  • Architectures and topology control
  • Localization in WSAN
  • Probabilistic integration in WSAN
  • Quality of service, security and robustness issues
  • Applications and prototypes
  • Hybrid networks and wireless Internet
  • Data management, gathering, aggregation and query processing

Papers must not exceed 14 pages using the guidelines included in the main conference website.